Risk management services

Risk management services

  • What Types of Projects Do Structural Engineers Help With?

    Structural engineers are engineers who are involved in the civil engineering industry. These professionals typically work as consultants on various types of construction projects, and they often work with a wide range of construction professionals and individuals when offering their consulting services. Some structural engineers focus more on specific types of projects, but many of these professionals actually work on all sorts of projects throughout the course of their careers. Some of the projects that a structural engineer might be called in to help with are outlined below.

  • A Guide On The Prospective Marriage Visa In Australia

    People that wish to marry Australian citizens can visit the country on a prospective marriage visa (subclass 300). The permit allows you to visit the country for nine months. Read the excerpt below to learn more about the prospective marriage visa and how you can apply for one.   Who Qualifies For The Prospective Marriage Visa?  The prospective marriage visa is strictly granted to people that wish to marry Australian citizens. As such, you must be engaged to an Australian citizen.

  • How to perform welding metallurgy on nickel alloys

    To perform your own welding, you need to be experienced, careful, and steady handed, but other than that there are no reasons to seek professional welding help to perform your welding tasks unless they are extremely complicated. One thing that can make you decide to hire a professional welder is when you need to work with complicated materials. To avoid this, you should know the basics about welding different materials. One of the most common materials that come with special considerations is nickel and nickel alloys.

  • What to Ask Before Choosing a Labor Hire Company

    A labor hire company is a type of company that will recruit and then hire out short-term and long-term workers, who remain on the labor company's payroll during their employment. Since you may not pay for sick time, vacation time, and health benefits, it can actually be more cost-effective to use a labor hire company in the long run. Before you choose a labor hire company or have any of their workers on your jobsite, note a few questions you want to consider and subjects to cover with the company's agent:

  • The Pschology of Procrastination in the Workplace

    If you are a workplace manager, you'll know how hard it can be to manage a worker who tends to procrastinate. In order to supervise them effectively it can be useful to have an idea of the underlying psychology of a procrastinator. The siren call of desirable distraction Procrastinators tend to have low levels of self-regulation so they often struggle to avoid the temptation for desirable distraction. In terms of the workplace this can mean workers who find it tempting to switch onto social media rather than working on necessary projects.

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    Risk management services

    Risk management is my field of expertise. People think it's boring but I actually think it's massively interesting. Analysing the risks of different industries takes time and requires you to dig far beneath the surfaces of an organisation's day-to-day activities, into the underlying issues that they work in and advise on. Sometimes the simplest, most immediate businesses, have long term risks that they have never considered. I help people stay in business and stay sustainable. I am constantly working on educating myself to stay relevant as a risk management consultant and keep abreast of changes and developments in the industry.